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Australia, 2014 Feb – Mar • Nadine Hoover, Sojourning Friend at Silver Wattle

In the midst of the 2014 Friends Peace Team to Indonesia, Nadine took time to visit in Australia.

Mid-February Nadine traveled to Silver Wattle Quaker Centre where she received a writing residency to finish the Discernment Manual and “one glass of water”, including designing a museum exhibition to accompany the publication of “one glass of water”. During her stay there, she joined the Australians in a Friends Peace Teams Gathering to celebrate the Australians joining Friends Peace Teams at our 20th Anniversary and discuss future plans. They also requested a Discernment workshop and she meet with leaders from the Quaker community and the First Nations to share similarities in the conditions in Aceh and First Nations communities.


The schedule for Nadine Hoover’s term as Sojourning Friend at Silver Wattle:

15 Feb Arrive in Sydney

21-23 Feb Friends Peace Teams Gathering at Silver Wattle

23 Feb-1 Mar Discernment Workshop at Silver Wattle

2 Mar Sunday OPEN to visit

7-9 Mar OPEN to travel

14-16 Mar First Nations gathering at Silver Wattle

21-23 Mar OPEN to travel (Weereewa Science and Environment Forum at SW)

26 Mar Depart from Sydney