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2017 August • Flooding in Nepal

On August 16, Subhash wrote: Since last few days, the Tarai (Southern plain from East to West part of Nepal) is sunk in flooding. The rain has stopped now but the flooding and resulting consequences in the areas are still very bad. The overall situation is devastating, especially for poor people. Almost all of them have lost their place, left with no food, no clothes and almost anything after the flood swept through their land. For more detail stories, you may want to go through these link of newspaper coverage about the flooding.

The government seems to be trying better than before to address the situation. But, after all, as there is no a minimum level of preparedness in the country to deal with such natural disaster- the situation of victims remains painful.

In this context, I got calls from the CSRC ( asking if the FPT AWP can provide any support. Yesterday evening, I again got call from the CSRC Executive Director for the same. I replied- I will consult with friends (you two).

CSRC is the organization with whom we worked together after the earthquake. They work for land and agrarian reform in Nepal since last more than two and half decades. The have networks at the grassroots level where people are living with land and other natural resource related injustices from generations.

CSRC plans to mobilize their existing networks in the affected areas and establish a common kitchen for the masses to feed them for some days. And, they also plan to help them to establish a sort of shelter. Their target group and communities are the poorest ones who not only deprived of resources but also power and connection to get relief easily from other sources including the government.

CSRC has already started to act in the field and they have established a fund from their core fund (non-project). I am told they have put about 4000 US$ in this initial fund.

My opinion, it is an emergency and devastating situation for all, even more for those with whom CSRC works for/with. So it is sensible to offer financial support to those  affected people through CSRC. But, I am not in favor of starting to raise fund for this purpose. Alternatively, I think there is some amount balanced in Nepal relief account in Australia/USA. This is right time and reason to use some of the fund. If we decide to share some of that, I would like that fund to be sent directly to CSRC account. I am fully confident in their financial and professional integrity.

Reported by Subhash