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2015 Oct • Beginning workshops for recovery

Trauma Healing
We have now held Day 1 of a Trauma Healing Refresher workshop. It went very well. We took it slowly and gave good attention to people. We all now have our Safe Place.

At the end of the day, we decided to do the second half including the new Extension activity on another day organised for this coming Friday. This is a huge commitment from the participants (and facilitators) as it is during the Dashain holiday and we are coping with fuel and cooking gas shortages, long travel times and earlier nightfall these days. Yet spirits are high and we all shared what we could bring for a picnic lunch. Blessings on those who were able to bring cooked food to share.

All the participants had done AVP, many are AVP facilitators and many are counsellors. All but two participants had done a TH workshop previously but in that workshop the 7 statement Stories of Trauma activity, I think did not include drawings and hearing the story read out. The coming Day 2 on Friday will include this activity in full plus River of Life and Tree of a Trust.

Youth AVP
Also, very happy news: we have just held the first-ever Youth AVP one day workshop in Nepal on the first day of Dashain! The organiser, Juliana (middle of the back row in the photo), had previously interpreted for Judy and I in an AVP workshop. She is a very capable apprentice facilitator and looks set to carry Youth AVP forward with the group of enthusiastic university students that she gathered together.

-Vidya Sutton