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2015 November • Workshops help with recovery

Subhash and Bhadra Rana facilitated a one day ‘AVP com Practical Steps for Peace’ workshop in the Bar Association building in Lalitpur district on Saturday, 21 November. There were 21 participants- mostly women- the parents of intellectually disable child. In the workshop, we also had 6 intellectually disable children/youth because their mother could not leave them behind to come to the workshop. So, we happily played, laughed and danced with them and did the workshop with parents.

Participants sharing their earthquake experiences and stories in Concentric Circles exercises.













Next Saturday, Jamuna and Subhash plan to facilitate similar workshop in Dhadingbesi, a community in few hours drive distance from Kathmandu. These workshops are hosted by the ‘Federation of Parents with Intellectual Disability Nepal’.

These are part of a series of 7 workshops hosted by the Federation where one of our AVP facilitators Kishor has been working since some months. We were asked by the Federation to help these parents to deal with their horrific experience of earthquake and resulting stress/distress they have been going through since then. The workshops are specially design to reflect the earthquake experience, share stories, skills and plans.

Participants brainstorming the idea of 'good listening' to set a tone for next activity- 'affirmation pairs'.