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Bhutanese refugees struggle after relocating in the US

We have heard from several people looking for information on the Bhutanese Refugees resettling in the US.
Back in February of this year there was a concern for Bhutanese Refugees resettling in the US. See:

Here is an update on that work:
“Names of AVP facilitators resettled from the Bhutanese camps to the US were distributed and one, Krishana Bahadur Mahat “USA Tenisi”, lives in Nashville, Tennessee! Dot Dobbins expressed an interest in facilitating AVP with the local residents and the newly arrived Nepali facilitators, but does not have much time until next calendar year. Since Lee Norton lives in Nashville, Nadine would love to work with folks there to strengthen the AVP community and get to know the Nepalese. Translation is a concern.

If anyone had the time, we’d love help fundraising to bring Jamuna to the U.S., have her come to a few US Bhutanese communities to visit, do AVP workshops and speak in the area for AVP-I and Friends Peace Teams-AWP for one month. We like to schedule time to visit, as well as to do workshops and to experience or explore what peace requires of us.”

Can you help? We need assistance with translation. We would also welcome fundraising efforts – how about holding a bake sale or a potluck where friends and family come to learn about the issue and offer donations. Send donations via PayPal or contact us at