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2015 Sept • Nepal is Beginning to Heal

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5 September 2015

Dear Friends,

Three weeks ago we piled into a jeep and went south to hot humid Hetauda. We did a wonderful two-day workshop of AVP listening, some simple trauma healing tell-your-story activities and lots of games with teachers who now train teachers.

Facilitation team for Nepal September 2015 workshops. Left: Juliana is 19 years old and translated for Judy and I when we took simpler activitie. Right, seated: Jamuna and Indira took the more complex language-based activities.

Judy and I are now staying in a Buddhist area, in the guest house in Shechen monastery. There is a steady stream of foreign volunteers staying here: acupuncturists, art and somatic trauma healing therapists, etc.

We made friends with several Acupuncturists without Borders. We went with them a few times to the local temporary tent-village and also to a leper village. Evan and Sekhila put needles in people’s ears. Katie and Judy alcohol-swabbed peoples’ ears. Judy and I wrote start times on post-it notes and gave them to people to hold. Prem took needles out.

Helping in Nepal, September 2015.

Generally people in Nepal are busy. The rice was mostly planted a few weeks ago. Last weekend was Hindu, Buddhist and Sharman festivities to celebrate the end of the planting season. Lots of visiting shrines and small local parades in the streets.

Also always held at this time of the year, big community gatherings and parades to grieve the loss of a loved one, followed by street comedy to help move on. This festival was begun by a king who’s wife kept grieving the loss of their child. So he asked people who had lost a loved one to come together with his wife to tell jokes and help her move on.

In Kathmandu, the tremors are too small to feel these days, except for one that was directly below us and that was a very gentle wobble. People above the more common epicentres in Sindhupalchok and Dolakha still feel the tremors.

For the past couple of months in Kathmandu, any man or woman who is fit and willing has been able to get work as a labourer.

Nepal, September 2015; photographer Vidya Sutton

The monsoon will be over soon, the rain is getting less frequent and lighter. Most of the tent-refugees will soon go home to their villages to rebuild.

Today, Saturday, is Lord Krishna’s birthday, a major festival celebrated every 12 years.

So the wheel of life turns.






September 11, 2015 • Shivapuri Peak

Dear Everyone,

It was a wonderful walk to Shivapuri peak.

Lower down were many small streams.







High up on the steep narrow ridges we walked in drifts of mist. The rock steps were coveted in moss, ferns and daisies. The old trees were also covered in moss, ferns and other epiphytes.

Thousands of steps up to reach 2725 metres.

Just before the top we had the very best view of the whole walk …


We were up level with the clouds. For a few seconds we saw some of the mountains to the north.

Thankfully the lookout was marked by prayer flags, at it was some 30 metres off the main track.














At the absolute top was a circle of grass! A helipad! And a statue dedicated to a man who went into samadhi in 1963.

Just past the top was a serene place with carefully piled mountain stones.










Then thousands of steps down again!

love and hugs