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Trusting in the discernment of the local Nepalese

“My first few days in Kathmandu sequestered in a friend’s apartment while another friend organized walks for me to see the relief efforts, I realized that part of my job was not to ask questions or to find out how we could help more from the US. My work was simply to be. To be a witness. To listen to stories. To tell my own. To remind each person in front of me of their strength in times past, and the tenderness of their own hearts even now. To say nothing most of the time. To watch. To wait.” – Jen Lemen

Jen’s words echo Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific’s message of the importance of visiting.

Our in-country partner in Nepal, Subhash Kattel, has asked us to share this report offered by Jen Lemen. Subhash writes, “This newspaper article reflects a hidden side of the story of post-quake-Nepal, which is not seen or highlighted by people in and around aid politics.”

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