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Update from today’s visit to a village


Update from today’s visit to a village; please share it to the appropriate contacts:

Subhash with his some volunteer friends visited Koshidekha Village of Kavre district this morning and returned back at 8PM. The objective of the visit was to identify the real need in the ground and establish trust-able contact and relationship in the community so that our support gets better distributed. We were 6 people travelling by motorcycles for about 2:30 hours one way. We specifically visited three severely damaged communities in the village which are in about half an hour distance to each other. The photographs attached herewith explain the physical situation of these communities.

The three communities we visited are:

1. Kami Sarki Gaun (the community of so-called ‘untouchables’)

2. Kalinjor (the community of Tamang; ethnic/disadvantaged people)

3. Jyamire (the community of Magar; also ethnic/disadvantaged people)


People are living on the bare fields, in many cases some families together. Somehow they have manged temporary roofing either by tent, plastic or partly damaged roofing tin they had on their destroyed houses. Many cattle- goats, cows, domestic buffalo, chicken etc. are dead and buried under the demolished houses and the stinky smell of dead animal has started to spared around. Everything looks and feels horrible.


Some facts from these communities:

286 houses completely destroyed

210 houses partially damaged and unsuitable to stay inside

very few houses are inhabitable

2599 total population

18 deaths known till now including children and old age people

some injured and getting treatment


In the Kalinjor community, we were the first group of outside visitors.


Along with meeting affected people in the communities, we also met with the Head Teacher of local school, few school teachers, Head of the local health center and village leaders. We have established a relationship with them and they are willing to cooperate with our effort ahead:

Identified immediate action we need to take as soon as possible:

1. Distribute severely needed food- particularly rice. The need is huge and we think we should distribute at least 100 sacks of rice for now. Costs about USD 18 per sack for medium quality rice.

2. Some of the families need kitchen utensils to cook and eat food. We have asked one local youth to find out how many such families are there who need such supplies immediately. Approximately, USD 300 should be enough for this.


Special needs in the communities that require our special attention because others are focusing on some other issues; and we were specially requested by the local health worker for this:

1. There are about 35 mothers with newly born babies. They need spacial support from us for their nutrition, health, and clothing to both the mother and the baby for at least a month. We will have to make a special relief support package for them. This cost about USD 40 per person.

2. There are 40 pregnant women in the communities. We were informed by the health worker that the health of mother and specially the baby inside is in danger. An earthquake is very risky for pregnant women more than 4 months along. I plan to contact a gynecologist as soon as possible in Kathmandu and discuss what we can and should do to diagnose the real situation with these women and what are the necessary steps to make sure the safety of these pregnant women. We don’t know now host much this may cost.


In friendship,


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