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2011 • Extended Service, Esther Buckwalter

Esther Buckwalter expanded her professional and engineering skills with Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia in Jogjakarta during the summer of 2011.  Esther proved herself as a strong student studying Environmental Engineering at the University of Buffalo and in 2011, was in her junior year.

She worked under the care of Nick Rozard and Rina Wijaya from SHEEP to determine the levels of any chemicals that may be added to the drinkable water by the filter. Esther was especially interested in the antibacterial catalyst and how it leaches into the filter-treated water.  She also performed microbiological testing on the filters, developed simple tests to assess the filters, and learned about the culture.

Esther’s presence helped build the professionalism needed to ensure that the work was successful far into the future and connected communities in Buffalo New York, Indonesia, and Alfred New York.  She was a positive light representing her field of engineering, young women, and the United States.

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