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2011 Jun – Jul • Indonesia Peace Team

Friends Peace Teams traveled to Indonesia, May 30 – July 14, 2011.

AVP Facilitators in Pati, Central Java

Alternatives to Violence Project Facilitators in Central Java

Nadine Hoover celebrated 30 years of traveling to Indonesia! Dean and Sharon Hoover, Nadine’s parents, joined the Peace Team to work particularly on developmental toys and children’s storybooks, respectively.

Autumn Star traveled with us to further the developmental play for peace, and support SHEEP in learning skills and approaches to direct fundraising and communication strategies.

As Alternatives to Violence Project facilitators, Dean, Sharon and Autumn provided many new role-models in conducting workshops and were very interested in supporting the Advanced Workshop in Trauma Healing and integration into the Developmental Play for Peace training.

An initial period of language study for Sharon and Autumn complimented this trip and gave participants more direct access to the Indonesians. Friends Peace Teams travel to areas that have been isolated for decades and/or are very poor. Although many people speak the common trading language of Indonesian (no one’s native language), knowledge of English is extremely limited.

Devin Henry also traveled with the Team to assist in photographic and video documentation.