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2011 Feb – Mar • Indonesia Peace Team

Friends Peace Teams traveled to Indonesia, February 16 – March 30, 2011.

Active training for teachers in develomental play for peace.

Teachers learn to make their own materials for developmental play.

Nadine Hoover traveled to Medan where she spent six days training teachers and family members from five schools in Stabat, N. Sumatra in Developmental Play for Peace, while actively setting up and running a play program in one school, in addition to visiting the former refugee camp of Barak Induk, N. Sumatra.

She repeated the six day training for five school communities in East Aceh from the shoreline up to Alue Mirah, a former independence strong-hold, just open to free travel last year. Besides the school in Alue Mirah itself, the second school of particular interest was a new school set up by our companion, M. Dahlan in Matang Neuheun.

Jamie Carestio joined Nadine to support the grassroots peace work and to teach Dahlan and his community about organic composting for salt-water fish farming.

Jamie and Nadine then traveled to Jakarta to facilitate an Alternatives to Violence Project workshop with Muslims and Quakers from Indonesia Yearly Meeting, looking forward to the opportunity to build relationships with Quakers in Indonesia.

Nadine then traveled on to Jogjakarta to work with woodworkers, artists, writers and publishers to continue working on developmental toys and story books for young children.