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Christians and Muslims Visit through Study at Joglo Preschool

Joglo Preschool at Peace Place, Pati, Central Java, Indonesia
by Petrus of Peace Place

In May 2017, Peace Place was visited by three preschool and church organizers asking for information on how to set up a school. Many parents asked for individual consultation about their child. These visits happen because people heard that Joglo Preschool accompanies children well. As Nanik and Erni study at the Open University in Pati they meet and share with many fellow university students who are learning how to accompany children as teachers and caregivers.
The visitors say Joglo’s mentoring is different than they have ever seen, and cannot even be found elsewhere. For example, as like silence, the opening where children learn to sit silently together, listen to the silence, and each speaks in turns while all the other children listen and wait in silence. Teachers remain calm and visibly show self-control by not helping the child quickly, but rather by supporting the child with a smile until they can find and use their words.


Study visit from Evangelical Church Sunday School in Java (GITJ) Gembong Pati, Wednesday 31 May 2017. Photo left-right: Erni, Yufa, Utamii, Neli, Gama (Neli son), Diamond, Firly, Frety (Firly daughter), Ninok, Nanik. (Photo by Siswanto)

Besides these interested college colleagues, an Islamic Preschool and a Mennonite Church visited Peace Place.

On May 15, 2017 Raudatul Falah Foundation from Bermi Village in Gembong, Pati came to visit. They came with six people consisting of teachers and the board of their school foundation. They were interested in the arrangement of the playground and how to instill the recognition of the value of understanding and appreciation among the children through play.

On May 17, 2017, two teachers from Bintang Kecil Preschool in Margorejo, Pati came for observation. One of them has been joining the Alternatives to Violence Project training. They wanted to learn how to accompany children and how to provide the right play materials to support the stages of children’s development.

On May 25, 2017, RA Thoriquthul Ulum from Wedarijaksa, Pati visited and learned how to accompany children more calmly. They asked a lot about the development of children, play in the various centers, how to support learning and how to know the stages of development so as to facilitate in support of their learning.

Study visit RA Masyithah Wedarijaksa, May 30, 2017. Photo from right left: Erni, Rahma, Lilik, Uswah, Yati, Lia, nanik, Ning, Retno, Umamah, Istianah, Un, Shopin, Ninok. (Photo by Tito)

On May 30, 2017, RA Masyithah from Wedarijaksa, Pati came with 12 teachers and their principal.

On May 31, 2017, three Sunday School teachers from the Gembong Church came for observation who are planning to establish an early childhood education program.
Learning from these visits, we see how the mentoring of early childhood developed by Peace Place through Joglo Preschool by integrating basic methods of nonviolence can become an important tool for learning together, especially when mentoring children. Recognition as a demonstration school is a big challenge for Peace Place, because we must maintain, apply and develop the knowledge consistently for the many children who come to Joglo Preschool because they need special attention.


Visit to study Thoriqutul Ulum, Wedarijaksa Pati in PAUD Joglo, May 25, 2017. Photo from left right: Faizah, Praise, Istianah, Peter, Nanik, Mustarikatun, Rufiatin, Asti, Emah. (Photo by Khanif - RA Thoriqutul Ulum)