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Compassionate Listening Workshop at Peace Place

On 4-5 Januari 2017, Joanie Levine and Yehudah Winter from Portland, USA facilitated a Compassionate Listening Workshop at Peace Place Pati, Central Java, Indonesia. The 21 participants came from different backgrounds such as teachers, housewives and local peace activists.

Every one shared in turn, then others observed and made notes about fact, feeling, value and body language. Photo by Nanik, Jan 2017

We learned about the dysfunctional social interaction model of the Rescuer, Persecutor and Victim by playing Drama Triangle Games. When we were in this triangle, the roles we played changed, sometimes almost imperceptibly. It illustrated how someone who was a victim may become a rescuer or persecutor. We must continue to practice the skills we learned so we don’t get stuck in this difficult triangle.

We then trained how to listen from the heart noticing four things: facts, feelings, values and body language. Some participants noticed that by looking at the body language we may be able to describe the speaker’s feelings.

We appreciated this workshop and the new understandings and skills it brought us that we can now share with others.