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Joglo Preschool

Joglo Preschool is a private school for children of all faiths and abilities using methods and a daily schedule adapted from AVP approaches, principles and agreements for peace and nonviolence.

In August 2016, jurors at a provincial competition were so impressed that they felt Joglo Preschool’s child-friendly methods and effective educational activities should be shared with others in the region. Joglo’s facilities exceed most Indonesian education programs with developmental activities, enhanced educational materials including wooden blocks, and a range of developmentally appropriate books not generally found in local schools. Peace Place also offers To-Be-Smart After-school lessons for school-aged children, as well as parent, teacher and community training.

Joglo Preschool has Muslim and Christian teachers, children, and parents. This diverse group’s interactions are unique in the area and based on knowledge of children’s development and principles of equality, respect for differences, good listening, shared decision-making and seeking peaceful and creative solutions. The context constantly challenges and transforms adult-child relationships, essential to peaceful culture. Joglo’s achievements give AVP credibility in the area and attract people to attend Peace Place workshops. Participants from these events the bring AVP into their communities.

Joggle Preschool's new "Traffic Park" built on the newly acquired land next to Peace Place.




















Thanks are extended to Friends Peace Teams which supported the purchase of the land next Peace Place. This has allowed us to develop Peace Place activities. With additional support from the parents, Joglo Preschool now has a Traffic Park, so that the children can learn traffic signs, learn how to empathize with others, and practice conversation with others in the Traffic Park.





Update 14 November 2016

Challenging a Culture: From Corruption to Administration

Only selected preschools in Pati, Central Java receive a public subsidy. Joglo Preschool at Peace Place was told that they were listed to receive 12 million rupiah (US$925) last year. Currently the teachers only make about US$35/month, so this is substantial assistance for them. Nanik told the School District Office in Pati, “Joglo Preschool indeed needs funding, but to get financial assistance then to take a cut, becomes a burden rather than a blessing for us. If the assistance is cut, it must be clear for what. If the School District needs money from us, then take a cut, but we need you to sign a receipt for those funds stating their purpose.” After a few days, the School District Office sent a notice that Joglo Preschool was not eligible for the funds until the school’s operational permit was active for at least two years. Their operating permit had been effect for only one year, so they should try again in 2016.

This year, the BOP (Operational Assistance Implementation) Fund were released on Monday, October 17, 2016. Joglo was awarded 7.2 million rupiah, Rp600,000/student 4-6 years old. Joglo Preschool enrolled 12 students ages 4-6; the rest of their students are under the age of four. But the School District Office asks that five percent be “returned”. If Joglo Preschool does not “return” 5%, then the next year Joglo Preschool will not receive any more funding. The Joglo Preschool and Peace Place Board met with legal counsel to discuss the steps to be taken in regards to the Joglo Preschool connection with the BOP Fund, since we are agreed not to return the five percent without a signed receipt from them.

In many locations, this would be an administrative or a marketing fee, legally assessed and billed. We do not object to the cut, we object to the informality. This pay-off has become public culture. It’s not clear to us the best way to change that culture. We will continue to dialog with the authorities and legal council and let Friends know if there’s any support we can use from our international Friends.