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2017 Feb – Mar • 4th Annual International Training for Peace

International Training 

at Peace Place in Pati, Central Java, Indonesia

12 – 18 February 2017

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Register by December 20, 2016

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We invite you to attend the International Peace Training or the 2017 Peace Team to Indonesia and/or the Philippines.


2017 Peace Team to
Indonesia and the Philippines
10 February – 17 March 2017
Register by 20 December 2016

Accompany Nadine Hoover on a visit with Nanik and Petrus at Peace Place and neighboring communities in Indonesia, and Valerie Joy and Nadine Hoover on a visit with Kins Aparece and Ludwig bon Quirog in Manila and Bohol, Philippines.

Together, we will share in workshops to practice skills in peaceful, conscientious living. Educational and training programs based on the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) welcome visitors, games, activities, and practice in English conversation. We will hold daily spiritual activities and explore actions with attention to preserving peace in the world.

Feb 10-11 • Visiting at Peace Place
Feb 12-18 • International Peace Training
Feb 19 • Developmental Play and Nonviolence Workshop
Feb 19 – 22 • Visiting Joglo School and Local Communities and Schools
Feb 23 – Mar 2 • Mentawai Island for Workshops and School Visits

Mar 3 • Travel to Manila, Philippines
Mar 4 • Lecture on Resiliency – De La Salle University, Manila
Mar 5 • AVP Refresher Reunion – Luzon
Mar 6 • Resiliency Workshop – De La Salle University, Manila
Mar 7 • Travel to Tagbilaran City
Mar 8 • Lecture on Nonviolence and Developmental Play
Mar 9 • Resiliency Workshop
Mar 11 • AVP Refresher Reunion – Bohol
Mar 13 – 17 • AVP Basic, Resiliency and Discernment Workshop


International Peace Training
12 – 18 February 2017 • Pati, Central Java

The workshop begins with Alternatives to Violence basic training and continue with Trauma Resiliency. An experiential workshop to practice personal and cooperative tools to discharge and reprocess emotional pain or distress in order to face and heal from challenging experiences. The workshops closes with training on discernment, practicing applications to the business of daily life and work.
Additionally, a Developmental Play and Nonviolence Workshop will be held on 19 February for educators and parents and teachers of young children. This workshop offers experiential opportunity to play with materials using nonviolent directions in ways that build intergenerational connections and reconstitute developmental capacities eroded by exposure to stress and violence.
Participants are also invited to stay the week after (19-22 Feb) to observe or apprentice in Joglo Preschool and After-School programs.



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Basic Registration Information
Once your registration is approved we will work with you to settle all the details

Please contact Nadine Hoover <> to make arrangements for this trip.

International Flights: International flights will be purchased by the traveling peace team member. Arrival and departure times may be flexible, please confirm with Nadine Hoover before booking to ensure arrangements will work before purchasing.

Passport and Visa: Be absolutely sure you have your passport valid for 6 months past your return date. Be sure to check and fulfill your country’s visa requirements.

Local Travel: Arrange local flights with Nadine from Jakarta to Semarang, then take an airport taxi (1.5 hours) to Pati. Local travel in Java varies. Domestic flights will be billed to the traveling peace team member, but purchased in country for best rates and group coordination. Contact Nadine for information on making arrangements.

Room and Board: Please bring with you, Rp 50,000/night for accommodation and Rp 75,000/day for food and snacks. You will need about US$40/week for incidentals and may wish to travel with an additional US$200-300, which may or may not be spent, and we discourage excessive spending.

Medical and Security: The team will handle and fund any incidental medical needs on the trip. Travelers are responsible for your own medical insurance. Although security advisories are issued for some areas of Indonesia, they do not apply to areas where we will be traveling.

Fees: We ask that you raise funds for the work, as we do not employ staff for this purpose. If you can, we appreciate US$200 for activities while in country and $500 for Friends Peace Teams to support the ongoing program. The International Training is a fundraiser for Peace Place and we ask for $500 from international participants for the training, if you are able. These funds are guidelines and not requirements for participation. We prefer you raise the funds for your trip rather than pay them all yourself, which means volunteering your time to think about what the trip means to you, sharing that with others, and encouraging others to contribute to this work. You may let groups know about your trip before you go and then share your insights and learning upon your return. You may show our film, Silaturahmi: The Power of Visiting, arrange for a Skype interview with someone involved in the work, and share your own commitment to this work.