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2016 Jul-Aug • Joglo Preschool is Becoming a Model for Others

In July, Joglo Preschool at Peace Place participated in a school competition at the Regency level. The juries were very interested in the mentoring that is done by Joglo staff. They saw how the children are treated with affection and appreciation, and are provided activities that support their development. At that time Joglo was selected to represent preschools from the local Preschool Group at the Provincial competition for Central Java in August. Our FPT-AWP weekly Skype visit was cancelled because they need to attend the Pati School District meeting to prepare for the competition!

Heidi painting with a Joglo Preschool student.











On Monday, August 8, 2016 Joglo participated in the Provincial competition. The juries were very impressed and interested in learning about the activities conducted at Joglo. They said Joglo is a child-friendly school and felt the method we use at Joglo could be distributed to others in the region.

Heidi, Cora, Ramona was painting with Revano and Mychell at Joglo Preschool. July 20, 2016 - Photo by Felicitas Zschoche

Joglo Preschool children learning about themselves. Photo by Wiji Prasetya Jati (Wiwit)





















Joglo Preschool does not yet receive any public funding as the School District still requires them to sign for more money than they receive. Nanik has said it’s okay for them to take their administrative cut, if that’s needed, she just won’t be able to sign for more than she receives. Although this has caused the teachers significant hardship, receiving only about $35 per month that the parents can pay, rather than $200 per month that the government would most likely pay. But they stand behind their confidence and conviction in the truth. Hopefully this recognition will place pressure on the government to find an honest way to provide the legitimate support they deserve. We look forward to a new day of transparency in education in Pati, Central Java.












Thanks to Friends Peace Teams which supported the purchase of the land next Peace Place. This has allowed us to develop Peace Place activities. With additional support from the parents, Joglo Preschool now has a Traffic Park, so that the children can learn traffic signs, learn how to empathize with others drivers and learn conversation with others in the Traffic Park.


Joggle Preschool's new "Traffic Park" built on the newly acquired land next to Peace Place. August, 8 2016, picture taken by Wiji Prasetya Jati (Wiwit)