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Sharing the Power of Goodness at PhilYM

On May 15, 2016, Nadine Hoover shared the Power of Goodness with Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s Southern Quarterly Meeting. We named powers of goodness generally, and we named powers we have for good specifically. Friends shared in pairs and in the large group, getting to know one another better, building community by learning one another’s names, sharing something about ourselves and learning something about each other. We recognized that friendship is not enough, some of the worst violence in the world is among loved ones and neighbors, so we read and shared our understandings of the a small set of agreements:
  • Affirm self and others, no put downs or put ups, they’re just hidden self-put-downs.
  • Stop, listen, don’t interrupt, recognizing what a difficult time we have really stopping and giving our attention to another.
  • Speak simply, without fear of mistakes and giving everyone a chance to speak.
  • Volunteer oneself only, don’t volunteer others.
  • Tell our own stories, not others’ stories, unless we have permission.
  • Exercise one’s right to pass, to not lose the rights we don’t use and to help leaders practicing truly respecting everyone.
  • Discharge emotion, then speak directly to one in dispute, don’t go angry, but go and speak directly, not to others.
  • Live in integrity with life’s transforming power, with honesty, authenticity, and consistency among belief, action, word and deed.
People around the world say, “Yes, that’s what a good parent, a good teacher, a good community member, a good leader is. That’s what our family / tribe / religion / people taught us, just no one has actually expected us to DO it!” This is not a marginal or alternative culture, this is a healthy peaceful culture we all want.
We read the story Mercy: A Poet’s Memory and talked about who we feel or are being told is our enemy today, and what can we each do to humanize the people we’re afraid of or told to be afraid of.
As you can see in the photos, we also ate well!
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