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A Decade of Tsunami Relief: Author chat with Nadine Hoover of Friends Peace Teams

The article, “A Decade of Tsunami Relief” by Nadine Hoover appears in the Service department of the February 2016 issue of the Friends Journal. It is available to FJ subscribers only at

Click this link to view the video chat between Gail Coyle of Friends Journal and Nadine Hoover.









Show notes: Nadine Hoover, a member of Alfred (N.Y.) Meeting, is initiative coordinator of the Asia West Pacific Initiative of Friends Peace Teams. She provides peace training and materials through Conscience Studio’s online store Courageous Gifts, and recently became director of Power of Goodness, a global pool of stories on nonviolence, healing, and reconciliation.

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific:
Watch the film “Silaturahmi: The Power of Visiting” on Vimeo: