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Barak Induk: Leaders to Meet Soon

The people of Barak Induk continue to struggle for their right to live on the land they were displaced to over 15 years ago. After many years living relatively undisturbed, the people there developed clear cut forest into livable, workable land. But recently they were again faced being pushed off their land by local officials. You can read more of this background here.

In January of 2016 Nadine Hoover visited with people in Barak Induk. She writes,

  In Barak Induk we were able to do a basic AVP workshop for teens, who were 3-6 year olds when they were driven into the mountains, along with some preschool teacher and other local mothers. It was mostly women, although some young men stayed with it. It was extremely successful. One of the wives of leaders of Barak Induk said, “This is what I have looked for all my life. Here I have found what I need.” Rose, married to Yatno, one of the Village Elders.”
  Please send this to your friends as soon as possible. We hear that Barak Induk leaders may be called to a meeting in Jakarta as early as this month.
  I do hope that the people of Barak Induk receive land rights this year after years of war and displacement!

You can read a document laying out the story of this group of people with great detail:


Voice of Barak Induk, 1999 – 2016 January (Inggris)


Suara Barak Induk, 1999 – 2016 Januari (Indonesian)


Peopled displaced from Aceh in 2000 came to this land deforested in the 1970s and harassed by Ministry of Forestry staff for over 15 years for “living in a UN protected forest”. • Pengungsi dari Aceh tahun 2000 datang ke tahan ini yang sudah dihabiskan kayu hutan pada tahun 1970an dan dilecehkan oleh staf Mentri Kehutanan lebih dari 15 tahun untuk “hidup dalam hutan dilindungi PBB.”

Forest Rangers masked, dressed in street clothes, detaining Barak Induk drivers without arrest warrants on 2 August 2015 in Langkat, Sumut, Indonesia. • Polisi Hutan tutup muka, memakai pakaian jalan dan senapan, menahan driver Barak Induk tanpa surat penangkapan pada tanggal 2 Augustus 2015 di Langkat, Sumut, Indonesia.