Table of Contents

Presentation to University Muria Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia

The psychology faculty and students at University Muria Kudus in Central Java, were so pleased to learn about Friends Peace Teams’ work with nonviolence, education and wellness. They were so pleased to learn about the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) Roadmap. They learned about how important it is to greet one another and get to know each other, but some of the worst violence in the world is among loved ones and neighbors, so sharing explicit, common agreements is critical for peaceful families and communities.

Mini-workshop for Universitas Muria Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia on Overcoming Trauma and Stress. Left to Right: Vidya, Nadine, Kins, Nanik and Petrus.

We reviewed and agreed to the principles by which we would work. Then we went on to discuss our “core selves”, which they call “nurani” and to learn about groundings that help us come back to ourselves when we get off track. We learned about how the left and right brains work, trapping trauma in the right brain without language, sense of time or ability to sequence, and how important art work is in helping children and adults recreate narratives for violent or traumatic events. We learned about the autonomic nervous system, keeping balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, exploring techniques to self-sooth when we get too wound up or anxious and techniques to stimulate when we get withdrawn or depressed. We noticed how playing cooperative games helped us to “come back to ourselves”, feel more peaceful and capable, and more able to learn. They were so very grateful.