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2015 June • News from Joglo Preschool

Joglo Preschool field trips to dairy farms and Warung Keboen Ibu


On June 28, 2015 Joglo Preschool took a field trip with the students to dairy farms located about 2 km from the Joglo preschool at Peace Place in Pati Regency. The goal was to learn where milk is obtained, how milking cows are cared for, and what they eat. Besides all the people involved in Joglo we need to learn about life and that we need each other, we cannot live alone. If we want to drink cow’s milk it requires farmers, feed, and fertile soil.



On June 11, 2015 Joglo Preschool at Peace Place in Pati, Central Java, Indonesia took a field trip with the students to “Warung Keboen Ibu” Colo Tourism Object located about 18 km to the north of the center of the Kudus city, precisely in the Muria Mountains Region. The purpose of field trip was to establish familiarity among Joglo Preschool families, introducing cool air highlands and observing various plants that can grow there. We played cooperative games between the children and parents like to throw the ball, move the flag, and stringing beads. Peeling Beans and Cross the Ocean games were specifically for older people. The activities ended with swimming.


As one parent, Nuning Ernawati, describes, “In our school we believe that school is not just for learning the studies such as numbers and counting, letters and writing, reading and so forth, but our school also teaches about social relationships and spiritual life. We learn so much from the children about how they process their learning towards building their capabilities.”

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