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2015 March • International Training for Peace

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific


Peace Place in Pati, Central Java 


An International Workshop on Nonviolence, Healing and Developmental Play

Nadine Hoover facilitator, with Nanik, Petrus and Local Apprentices

 15 – 22 March 2015



The workshop opened with two days of Alternatives to Violence Project Basic activities

You can see the Friends Peace Team Guesthouse, where guests of Peace Place stay, in the room at the upper righthand section of the building.

on nonviolence and transforming power, followed by two days of activities for trauma resiliency and recovery, and closes with two days of play activities for young children, which for adults reconstitute developmental capacities eroded by primary and secondary trauma. Participants encouraged to attend were teens to adults, Indonesian and international, and could include parents, peace workers, local youth workers, preschool teachers or Ministry of Education staff. A seventh day, post-workshop session gave preschool teachers and trainers additional technical experience in bookmaking and/or block building.


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At the 2015 International Training, Juniarni and Lina together with their group mates describe a conflict situation before a role play. Facilitator Vidya sits beside. — in Pati, Indonesia.


At the 2015 International Training, facilitator Nadine (standing far right) elaborates Loss, Grief and Mourning, a session on trauma healing. Standing left from her are Leli and Nuning. Seated from right are Najla, Vidya, Lina, Laras, and Ninok.