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2014 Jan – Apr • Friends Peace Team Indonesia/Australia

Friends Peace Teams traveled to Indonesia and Australia, January – April 2014.

The Team undertook an ambitious schedule:

16 Jan  Arrived in Medan; Friends Peace Team to Aceh, N Sumatra, Central Java

14 Feb  Departed Jakarta

15 Feb  Arrived in  Sydney; Nadine Hoover Sojourning at Silver Wattle

26 Mar  Departed Sydney

26 Mar  Arrived in Jakarta; Friends Peace Team to Central Java, N Sumatra, Aceh

23 Apr Departed Medan

Visiting with friends working for peace in Indonesia and Australia!


Friends Peace Team to Aceh in 2013, with members from Australia, the Philippines and the US, gathered at the Chrysalis Preschool before the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility AVP banner.

After thirty years of war, a global tsunami and the inevitable impoverishment that follows, Aceh has become a very difficult place to make friends and sustain any effort. We remind ourselves that we could go elsewhere, where it is easier to work, but that is not the point. This is the front line where the work is the most difficult. Those in Aceh recognize this themselves. They are seeking those who will actually sustain interest and activity, who those people can and want to work with, and who can offer a bit more stability than everyday life or community tends to offer.

In January 2014, Nadine Hoover visited Barak Induk where we have successfully abated the violence people there have endured since 2000, when they were exiled during the war. They are now recognized by the local government, so are beginning to receive infrastructure such as electricity, voting rights and recognition of their schools. Nadine visited the four teachers who are receiving scholarships for college, Mislan, Ani, Egi and Suci, and the rest of the New Sprouts Preschool. She also saw the new reading room we have just constructed and discussed how to begin getting books. Nadine also delivered the A, B, C books newly published in Indonesian, English and Dutch and visited with Ani to discuss the next 2-3 books to publish. We have given the adults and young children significant attention, but there is a group of teenagers, mostly young men, who were toddlers at the time of their exile, who watched our work as they grew up and the effects on others, but had not participated much themselves directly. They were angry, volatile and dropping out of school. Nadine offered to do a workshop just for them and they were instantly excited, so this trip Nadine, Mislan, Miswati and Ifau facilitated the AVP basic and trauma healing workshops with them!

After the third day, brains are exhausted and bodies are tired from the 90+ degree heat, Nadine has everyone lay on their backs and talk. Each person speaks to a discussion question as they are lying down. After ten minutes, they turned to the person on their other side, trading partners, and addressed another discussion question. After this, they were ready to get up and move on. Noticing what is needed in the moment and honoring those needs is kind, gentle and supportive.

Then Nadine went to Aceh to visit with friends there and learn about conditions there now. Nadine supported a team in offering the trauma healing workshop at the Chrysalis Preschool for parents, teachers, activists and psychologists. They are looking for the right people and infrastructure to be able to maintain workshops after Bowo and Tina return to Java in October 2014.

Then Nadine went to Peace Place in Pati, Central Java. Petrus and Nanik requested a Discernment workshop and discussion of the development of their organizational structure. We also took the remaining photographs necessary to complete the Block Book and finished the packaging to begin distributing the developmental toys.


_ _ _

Mid-February Nadine traveled to Silver Wattle Quaker Centre where she received a writing residency to finish the Discernment Manual and “one glass of water”, including designing a museum exhibition to accompany the publication of “one glass of water”. During her stay there, she joined the Australians in a Friends Peace Teams Gathering to celebrate the Australians joining Friends Peace Teams at our 20th Anniversary and discuss future plans. They also requested a Discernment workshop and she meet with leaders from the Quaker community and the First Nations to share similarities in the conditions in Aceh and First Nations communities.

_  _  _


At the end of March, Nadine returned to Indonesia with a team, currently two Australians, Vidya Sutton and Judy Simpson and two North Americans working in Asia, Dwight Burton and Jaye Starr. The team went to SHEEP in Jogjakarta to offer AVP to a group of teenagers there struggling with violence. They then traveled to a traditional Javanese community where a few teachers had gone to Peace Place for training and wanted to bring AVP to their whole community. By the beginning of April, the team had the opportunity to visit the ceramic and microbiology labs to see their water filter production capacity.

From there the team went the Friends’ Guesthouse at Peace Place in Pati to support the Peace Place trainers in apprenticing on facilitation of the trauma healing workshop. The team then spent some time working with the preschool, after-school and parent education programs as well as the production of toys and books.



16-23/Jan • Barak Induk

23-31/Jan • Aceh

1-14/Feb • Peace Place in Pati

14/Feb – 26/Mar • Silver Wattle Quaker Centre, Bungendore, Australia

21-23/Mar • Friends Peace Teams Gathering

23/Mar-1/Apr • Living Life by Discernment Course

14-16/Mar • First Nations Gathering

26/Mar – 6/Apr • Jogjakarta

7-23/Apr • Peace Place in Pati