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Never Underestimate the Power of a Few People — Growth Always Comes from Small Sprouts!

A small yet dedicated group of preschool teachers from PAUD Kepompong (Butterfly Preschool) participated in an Alternatives to Violence basic workshop facilitated by Ifau and Bowo on April 20-21 and 27, 2013!
Out of the ashes, the AVP Aceh team rises again and again. After thirty years of war and the global tsunami that devastated their families and communities, Aceh is regenerating. The grass and trees are green, buildings repaired and new construction complete, and businesses are beginning to prosper. This is a time for most former AVP facilitators to get married, which war had postponed for many, to have children and to build business. We remind them, it’s not a time to feel guilty about doing what they need to do and so not having time for peace work, but eventually the managers and workers and families will most likely encounter problems–some ordinary daily stress, some extraordinary traumatic reverberations from war–and you will be back. Until then, don’t worry. Do what you need to do. That’s what peace is for!
Last month, a small group of preschool teachers said we need the peace and nonviolence activities for ourselves, our families and our children at school. They held a basic workshop in Langsa, Aceh and plan to attend the five-day training coming up at Barak Induk on June 10-14, 2013, where they will be joined by two Ministry of Education staff members from Jakarta, two local school district staff, a US video documentarian, a Philippino peace activist and an Australia union organizer along with the preschool teachers and parents of Barak Induk and neighboring schools.
We are grateful for all the support and attention that people give to peace and one another around the world that makes this possible for us as well! Thank you all!