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2012 Jan – Mar • Indonesia Peace Team

Friends Peace Teams traveled to Indonesia, January 7 – March 25, 2012.

Nadine Hoover traveled to Australia Yearly Meeting, January 10-14, then went directly to Australia Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) National Gathering, January 15-18, and directly on to facilitate an AVP Advanced Trauma Healing Workshop, all in Perth, Australia. She then flew to Jakarta, where she just missed Joe Dosch returning from his visit to the Friends Peace Teams Water Filter Project, January 10-23, 2011.

Nicholas Rozard accompanied Nadine in visiting Peace Place in Pati, Central Java; Barak Induk in North Sumatra; and friends in East Aceh. Kristina Blank, a student at the University of Buffalo, joined Nadine and Nick from February 3 to March 26. The first half of her time was spent joining in training in nonviolence, trauma healing and developmental play for peace; the second half of her time she returned to Yogyakarta with Nick to work on the water filter research.

The primary purposes of this trip was to train facilitators at Peace Place Pati and in North Sumatra, support prototype development of the water filters, set the groundwork for fair trade with Acehnese artisans, check on the progress of the Amnesty International Campaign and to develop guidelines and directions for sharing the organizing responsibilities for future Peace Team Trips among other companions, both from inside and outside Indonesia.

Facilitators Unite from Peace Place Pati, North Sumatra and Friends Peace Teams!

Peace Place Pati and North Sumatra are both interested in establishing on-going Alternatives to Violence Project workshops in community building, trauma healing and developmental play for peace. SHEEP is very committed to supporting the development of a factory to produce the water filters, seeking adequate engineering support to do so.

Activities in Aceh suffer from instability and inconsistency. Volunteers from outside Aceh lose patience with the frustration of working with people who are heavily traumatized and who frequently suffer from severe depression. Recognizing the difficulties and taxing nature of on-going programs in East Aceh, our approach is shifting. Courageous Gifts, the storefront for Conscience Studio, has invested in formalizing fair trade relationships with Acehnese female artisans. Net proceeds beyond expenses are donated to Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia to support workshops, education and health for communities of these artisans. This provides the stability of income and also directly addresses issues of occupation, oppression, imbalance of power and “sharing the wealth” that Aceh has struggled with for centuries. We are in the early stages of exploring and developing this new approach.

Finally, Nick and Nadine worked with the Indonesians to develop better shared understandings and guidelines for making this a standing, on-going program, where Indonesians and foreigners alike share responsibility for establishing the calendar of trips, organizing the activities and documenting the news of our work.