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Death Penalty Repeal Sought in Texas!

Tom Martin, Spiritual Companion

Tom Martin, Spiritual Companion

Spiritual companion, Tom Martin, shared the good news with us today that people in Texas are engaged in efforts to repeal the death penalty! HB 819 Hearing will be held on March 29, 2011. For us at a distance, for this to be successful would be a balm to the soul that would ease a deep pain we weren’t even clear was there.

God breathes life into each of us, rains on each of us, gives fruit on the tree for each of us. We are valuable and loved, all of us. Human tragedy is tragic for victims, perpetrators and every member of the community, for whom the hope and promise of the beloved community is dashed. Yet with great love, care, attention, faith and action, the redemptive promise of the Living Spirit can be realized. Peace is possible.

Thank you to Tom Martin and all our friends in Texas who struggle with this deepest question day-to-day. State executions in Texas rose to an average of two people a month for the past fifteen years; repeal of the death penalty in Texas would truly be a new era!

In enduring faith and love, we send our love and warmest regards to all our friends inside and outside the walls of all the various prisons we construct. Our heart goes out to all the victims of violent crimes in the state, to those who have lost their lives to the state and to their families, to the 313 people currently on death row in Texas and to all humanity. May we heal the ill and suffering, feed the hungry, cloth the cold and love one another, not in spite, but in the truth of our humanity.