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Developmental Play

Integrity is the foundation of education – matching what is with what ones says, does, writes and believes. Play structured to support the development of young children greatly supports the development of parents and teachers as well when they engage in the play themselves. Play also reminds us of the fundamental authority of life itself—being alive.

After a decade of developing a demonstration school in East Jakarta and opening the Directorate for the Education of Young Children (PAUD), Nadine Hoover through Friends Peace Teams has supported fourteen schools to run developmentally appropriate learning for young children and families.

Blocks are an important tool for early childhood development, and have not been readily available to Indonesian schools.  In 2010 Nadine Hoover and a woodworker from Aeorta New Zealand trained a woodworking shop in Jepara Indonesia to make blocks for children.  Schools are now able to purchase blocks directly from Indonesia.