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Our Partners in Australia

The following minute was approved on September 17, 2013:

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific is committed to maintaining clear communication and good, open relationships with Australia Yearly Meeting, Quaker Service Australia, FWCC-AWPS and AVP in Australia, the Asia West Pacific Region and International. To this end Friends Peace Teams extended an invitation to Australia Yearly Meeting (AYM) to appoint a representative to our governing Council and makes a commitment to reporting to AYM annually. Valerie will speak to Jackie Perkins to extend an invitation to Quaker Service Australia (QSA) to subscribe to our e-news list, invite their feedback on our work and consult with them on significant initiatives or decisions. Valerie will extend an invitation to Friends World Committee for Consultation- Asia West Pacific Section (FWCC-AWPS) to subscribe to our e-news list with permission and encouragement to reprint any of our news in their newsletter. John Michaelis will speak with Katherine Smith to extend an invitation to AVP-International and AVP-Australia to subscribe to our e-news list with permission and encouragement to reprint any of our news in their newsletters. Team trips and workshop schedules will be AVP-Asia West Pacific e-list.

Australia Yearly Meeting

The Religious Society of Friends was first established in Australia after the visit in the 1830s of James Backhouse and George Washington Walker from England. These two Friends drew together the few members of the Society in Van Diemen’s Land and New South Wales in regular Meetings for Worship.

The number of Friends in Australia increased during the 1850s at the end of the gold rush decade and in 1861  London Yearly Meeting formally recognised the Meetings in Hobart, Melbourne and Adelaide. Later came recognition of the Meetings in Sydney, Brisbane, Rockhampton and Ballarat.


Quaker Service Australia

Quaker Service Australia Inc. (QSA) is the aid and development agency of the Quakers in Australia. We work with communities in need to improve their quality of life with projects that are economically and environmentally appropriate and sustainable.





Friends World Committee for Consultation Asia West Pacific Section, Inc.

Friends World Committee for Consultation, Asia West Pacific Section seeks to serve the small and dispersed yearly meetings in Australia, India, Japan and New Zealand, and small groups in Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and elsewhere. Our first full meeting was held during FWCC’s 17th Triennial in Tokyo in 1988. The main organ of communication is the newsletter, edited and circulated by the Executive Secretary. In addition, the Section encourages inter-visitation.