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United to End Racism

United to End Racism, Putney, VT.  is a group of people of all ages and backgrounds, in many different countries, who are dedicated to eliminating racism in the world. We understand that eliminating racism is necessary for humankind to progress. We are committed to ending racism, and we support the efforts of other groups to accomplish this goal. The main work of UER is to illuminate the damage done to individuals by racism and to undo this damage on an individual basis, using the resources and process of Re-evaluation Counseling. As people do this work, they become better able:

·       to interrupt racism in their daily lives,

·       to free themselves from all of racism’s effects,

·       to take leadership,

·       to form deep relationships across racial lines,

·       to remove racism from our societies’ institutions, and

·       to support the work of other individuals and organizations in ending racism.

UER also examines the racism in many of our societies’ institutions and encourages its members to become actively aware of it and to find new ways of combating it. UER offers both an ongoing system of support that assists people to sustain their efforts to eliminate racism, and effective tools for eliminating racism that can be taught and used on a one-to-one basis.