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Rosie-Aotearea/New Zealand (English)

Kia ora, hello. My name is Rosie.

I am the daughter of a Dutch cyclist-sailor and a kiwi peace activist and I was born in a coastal town of the South Pacific Island Aotearoa (New Zealand). ‘Aotearoa’ is the indigenous Maori name for New Zealand, and it translates to ‘land of the long white cloud’.

I am the third-born child of four, and we grew up not far from the orchard where my mother was born. Now I am 24.

Many days I work on film sets, creating costumes and telling stories through the medium of film. Though sometimes I work on blockbusters, my heart lies with collaborating with small teams of carefully picked people to tell meaningful local stories of friendship and growth and love. I adore the process of collaborating to create a character, for me it is an exercise in empathy. Discovering another’s influences, lifestyle, world – and facilitating the fusing between the character and performer. Between these times I draw, garden, practice yoga, swim in the ocean, take photographs, sing and dance. 

Right now I feel called to learn the skills to create peaceful communities so that I perpetuate a positive way to relate to others and our world. I want to be able to recognise unhealthy behaviour  in the workplace, for example, and learn how to transform it into healthy interaction. I always have a desire to help the world be a more peaceful place, and want my day-to-day life to be more in alignment with that. I feel called to use my creative and enterprising nature to do this. I am still working out what that looks like.

My efforts to make my community better come so far from the inside out. I make an effort to do the inner work that allows me to be present, and not tied up in my woes. 

I teach games, and encourage others to be playful. I initiate conversations (sometimes through games) that allow people to be vulnerable and honest and reconnect with their dreams. 

These are the things I value in a friend: Honesty, playfulness, the ability to listen openly and a desire to grow. 

I feel hopeful when I find a kindred spirit in a person I’ve freshly met. I feel warm when I notice others being considerate and loving towards strangers. I love the feeling of creating an image that captures the precise feeling of a moment. I feel energised when negative stereotypes are proven untrue. I feel hopeful when I am able to listen and follow my intuition. 

In peace,



January 2018