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Edgelyn “Edgie” T. Nasayao- Bohol, Philippines (English)

Greetings of love & peace!

My name is Edgelyn T. Nasayao, 37 years old, from the province of Bohol, Philippines. You can call me Edge or Edgie. I am the eldest in the family with three siblings.  I am happily married for eight years now and have been blessed with a lovely and smart 6-year old daughter.

I was an assistant professor at Holy Name University, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, and decided to leave last year after 14 years to personally take care of and look after my daughter. Now, I embarked on being an entrepreneur and financial advisor at Manulife Philippines to make the most of my time while my daughter is in school.

I volunteered in the Campus Ministry – Student Catholic Action Secretariat in the Diocese of Tagbilaran during my college years, where my fellow volunteers and I spent our weekends undergoing spiritual formations and leadership trainings, while handling the same opportunities for youth in different campuses and parishes. Such experience nurtured my spirituality and Christian values, which contributed a lot to my role of being an educator, especially in teaching and guiding my students not just academically but also in all other aspects of life.

I also find joy and significance in my new career as a financial consultant and planner — helping families and individuals with their financial priorities by providing opportunities to earn, to plan ahead, and to prepare for their future financial needs, such as for the education of children and protection of the family’s income. By doing my job right every day I will be able to help improve the standard of living of each family or individual. I also believe that by addressing financial problems proactively, with proper planning and preparation, we can minimize if not eliminate chaos and financial trouble in the family and in the community in general.

Moreover, I am an advocate of using eco-friendly housing solutions and housewares, and setting-up of healthy drinking water systems for the family for sustainable living. I recycle plastic containers as planters to grow some of our food as a way of protecting the environment, and support local, natural and organically grown produce to promote health and help our community. I also believe in positive discipline and have been trying to promote it to my family, colleagues and friends. I want to learn more and I am hopeful that by being part of this training (the International Training for Peace), I would be more equipped in understanding and raising godly and peace-loving child/ren, and in sharing the learning with other parents.

I value kindness, honesty, fairness, respect and loyalty for trust to flourish in my relationships among colleagues and friends. As an individual, I am doing my very best to be an instrument of promoting justice and harmony in the workplace and in the community where I belong. I am looking forward to meeting all of you and joining you in our pursuit to spread goodness, love, and peace to all.


Your friend,




January 2018