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Myrfi S. Gonzalez- Cebu City, Philippines (English)

Joining the People’s Climate March

I’m Myrfi S. Gonzalez from Cebu City, Philippines, in my 40s. I have four (4) sisters and one (1) brother. We have no picture as one family since my parents and some of my siblings migrated to the US seventeen years ago.

I do not have a fixed routine. My days depend on the responsibilities that I need to attend to and on what I feel like doing at a certain day. My job in private legal practice allows me such flexibility.

I am in constant search of what I am called to do and continuously striving and struggling to build peace wherever I am at.

I try to volunteer when I can wherever needed and when I am able. I value loyalty and honesty in friendships. I feel hopeful that, amidst everything that is happening, in the end, it is still a beautiful world.


December 2017


Volunteering at DC Central Kitchen with other University of Notre Dame Alumni

With my parents and a sister and my grandparents’ wedding picture


With my mom and siblings