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Jungjoo “Shining Lake” Park- Jeju Island, Korea (English)

Hello, My name is Jungjoo or Shining Lake. I live in Jeju Island, the southernmost part of South Korea. I do peace education with various groups based in Korea. We work with groups of all ages. I am also a peace activist and trainer of nonviolence training.

would like to apply the things that I learn from Friends Peace Teams into my field work. In addition, I am interested in creating my own training in the local context with some help from the new learning supported by your group.

I have parents, two siblings. My brother and sister are both married and I have 5 nieces. My relationship with my family is very close. They are supportive and trusting in my life. I myself am a peace educator and peace activist. My faith has been shaped and influenced by my activism in peace work. I think doing something for peace is my calling in life.

For the past 4 years I have been a part of an anti-base movement against the naval base on Jeju Island, South Korea. We have daily protest actions. We do 100 morning bows at the main gate of the base at 7am and do a human-chain event at noon to express our opposition to the base. Then we eat together at our community kitchen. On some days, I go to do peace education working with kids and youth. I am also a facilitator of nonviolence training.

I love reading, taking care of my plants, playing flute and transcribing poems by hand. Also I enjoy going for a walk and being in nature. Sometimes my friends and I get together and cook some food and have fun on weekends. For me, learning is very important so I sometimes practice.

I think I am most comfortable being a mediator. If I didn’t do anything to resolve my or someone else’s conflict, I would feel very distressed even if I was not involved in it. In my family, mostly I was a key actor causing conflict. But in my community, mostly I have become a mediator. I go visit both sides and listen from them. 

Taking a further step, I encourage them to sit together and have them talk to each other. Also, I like to be a liaison in my village. So people come ask me to share some information with the whole group. For me, sharing information in the right way without misunderstanding is very important. I do believe my efforts help my community have better understanding of each other and build more trust as we work together to fight massive structural violence.

I have few close friends in my life. They all know me well and respect me as who I am. For me, mutual understanding and respect and recognition do matter in friendship. In some ways, I have high expectations from intimate relationships with regard to matters of dedication and integrity.

Helping others experience a moment that they become interested in alternative ways of life means a lot to me. I wish to change this world. I seek a better life for the oppressed and marginalized. In order to make it happen, I need more allies to work with me and stand in solidarity to support each other. I choose education to do what I dream of. Many times I feel hopeful and fully alive especially in a learning place. 

December 2017