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Joyce Howland, Washington, DC USA (English)

Here I am with a student from Turkey on the day of his master’s degree conferral.

My name is Joyce Howland and I live in Washington, DC.   In 2012, I moved here from rural western New York State.   My family includes 2 sons in their 30’s and their wives, a granddaughter (age 9), a grandson (age 7) and a granddog (weighing 8 pounds – about 3.6 kg).  At this time, all of us live in the DC metropolitan area and see each other frequently.  Most weekends I spend time with my grandchildren, often taking them to piano lessons or taekwondo classes.  We also ride bikes and attend concerts and plays.   My younger son, wife and dog expect to be sent to Latin America for his job during the Summer of 2017.

After studying economics as both a undergraduate and graduate student, I taught economic development and other economics classes and helped students compete their degrees for universities in New York and California.  Now as Program Administrator and Practicum Placement Specialist for SIT Graduate Institute, I have the privilege of working with graduate students, about half of them born outside the U.S., who are passionate about

My family, I am on the far right.

improving the lives of people all over the world through better health, the empowerment of women and youth, providing potable water, enhancing the effectiveness of civic organizations, defending the rights of minority populations, etc.  My career has frequently allowed me to guide students in learning more about other countries and cultures and thus increasing the possibility of peaceful relations between all peoples.  The SIT Graduate Institute and its parent organization World Learning are dedicated to enhancing the lives of the poor throughout the world.  Thus, their emphasis on improving intercultural communication and promoting social justice is in line with my own desire to support these goals.   Outside of work, I attend yoga classes, usher at 2 local theaters, serve on the governing board of my church, and help serve breakfast to the poor.

– Joyce

January 2017

My brother Mark and me in the Moroccan desert.