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Felicitas Zschoche, Germany (English)

I am Felicitas, which means happiness / the lucky one – ‘nomen est omen’ is true for me. I was born on the 21th of December 1990 in Berlin, Germany. My spirit animal is a dove, the sign of peace. I did not grow up with siblings, but I am very close with my cousins and we spend a huge part of our childhood together and still share a lot of our lives. I do have a half sister though, who is as old as my mum and I have two nieces which are older than me. My dad is 81 years old now. Coming from a very unconventional family background, I have got very creative parents, which shaped me to be open-minded all my life. Nothing has to be a certain way and, since I am travelling, I lived in and experienced very unique life styles. Since I have been telling everyone that I actually have got nieces, I started contacting them and I hope I can create a stronger relationship with them once I am back to Germany. I grew up in a multicultural metropolis (Berlin) as well as on the countryside. Due to my psychology study I have lived in two small towns in Germany, in Finland, and in Melbourne.

This picture of my friend, my cousins and me was taken in a cocoa museum in San Cristobal, Mexico. We went through all processes to make our own chocolate.

My daily life is changing all the time since I left Germany one year ago. I started an internship in Melbourne, since then I am working on my Master’s thesis (Acceptance of Recycled Water). Since I left Melbourne I am hitchhiking, getting to know very different people, experiencing crazy adventures and treasuring the selfless acts of human beings and how kind and beautiful people are. I do believe that if you strongly believe in the good sights of human beings, they will show up. The biggest challenge for me so far was being separated from my friends, but I am blessed with wonderful strong connections, which survive any distance on the world. Friendship is the most important part in my life – they are giving me strength and are making me a loving, caring and happy person.

At the moment I am trying to find my way and I am trying to let me be led by God. I just recently found my way to Jesus in Melbourne, as I grew up in an atheistic family. My biggest wish is to contribute to society and environment and I am praying that Jesus is showing me the way, using me to contribute with the strengths he gave me. A sentence which is leading me is “Be the change, you want to see in the world” (M. Gandhi). When I started studying Psychology, I wanted to become a trainer or a coach. I focused on Environmental Psychology and effects which change the behaviour towards a more pro-environmentally way. Research is very interesting and finding strategies and behaviour change tools is fascinating to me, especially when they can be used for the betterment of the world.

This picture was taken in Melbourne at a non-profit color festival celebrating the Holi festival of colours. The money went to Indian school kids for their lunches. It was also an environmentally friendly festival with natural colours.

I am naturally a very harmonic and happy person. I think by giving love, people automatically mirror it back. If I find a problem, I always try to solve it immediately and I always try to change perspectives, reflecting on my actions and my mistakes as problems and misunderstandings are often a communication problem between the sender and the recipient.

First of all I think, honesty is a very important part not only in friendships, but in every relationship. Honesty, openness and sharing thoughts make interactions a lot easier. I like to be with people who truly can be themselves and don’t think about the judgment of others. Every person in the world is connected with each other and sometimes I wished to see the connection when you get to know someone. Sometimes it is incredible to reflect on the path you were going and realising how just every moment, every connection, every person shaped you and is leading you to the very next great person and happening. I love life and I embrace every up and down, how it shapes me and connects all happenings with each other and finding a bigger picture behind it. To be happy I need to find meaningful work, I need to think that it can change the world – enthusiasm and motivation – I get a lot out of bigger goals, I want to reach. Even though the world is led by a few powerful people, communities are so powerful too. A friends favourite quote is: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” (Margaret Mead).

February 2016

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