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Zumrotun and Sunadi, Tondomulyo, Indonesia (English)

My name is Zumrotun.

By my side is my husband, who’s name is Sunadi.

We live in the Village of Tondomulyo, Pati District, Indonesia. I am 31 years old and my husband is 37 years old. Right now we live together with our father, mother and two children, Aghus and Zainuddin, so there are six of us in the house.

On a daily basis, I usually take care of the house and my husband works as a farmer. We came up with the idea to make a kindergarten or pre-school after we attended the Alternatives to Violence Project workshop with Ms. Nadine and saw the children who have often experienced violence, both in formal education (at school) and in their living environments. We try to combine playing and learning  while incorporating ways of living without violence.

We were determined to make the preschool using whatever we had, so we turned a former cow stall behind the house into a place to play, which is very simple indeed, but we are very happy there and children apparently also like it and feel very comfortable there. THANK YOU Ms. Nadine for all help that was given to us. We can not repay with anything. We can only express our gratitude and send you our prayers. We hope that Ms. Nadine is given good health and a long life and blessings on all of us, so that we will meet again and build peace together. Amiiiin.

And please don’t forget that we always appreciate the accompaniment and support that comes with Ms. Nadine. Below are some of the pictures of the children at our place.

Children playing with blocks. Thank you Ms. Nadine and friends in Friends Peace Teams for your support in getting the blocks!


Salwa and Dava playing dress-up.
















We feel very happy when we see our child playing, comfortably in line with his development without having any fear.

Our son, Aghus, with Faril and Rizki in the background playing in the nature center. They have such a great time there for hours and hours!

There are many other photographs of children’s activities that we could not send because of the limitations of our technology and capacity.

Thank you Ms. Nadine and friends in Friends Peace Teams for making all of this possible!