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Siarol A. Divino, Bohol, Philippines (English)

My name is Siarol A. Divino. I come from the 10th largest and the heart of the Philippine

"Teaching is the noblest profession, being one is a great privilege and a great opportunity."

islands, Bohol. I am 33 years old, I have two equally beautiful daughters aged 9 and 7 respectively. My ever supportive husband is an overseas Filipino worker in Saudi Arabia but for now he is with us to spend quality time for the family. I am currently connected at the University of Bohol as a Guidance counselor in the College of Business and Accountancy and the College of Nursing and I am also a part-time teacher.

Everyday isn’t always the same, my day usually starts with a morning prayer together with my sun up sun down Pandasal prayer booklet giving thanks, glorifying God for the blessing of a new day and asking for guidance that I may use the day in HIS GLORY. As a mother, I would tend for my children’s needs and have to prepare everything for school. The next hours will be spent doing my duties and responsibilities as a Guidance Counselor, a Teacher, and an Adviser. I am also an adviser of one of the campus organizations of the University, the Peer Facilitator’s Circle wherein the members will do

"My colleagues at the UB SPS office. We shared each other's lives in sorrow and in happiness."

their volunteer works in our office and thus, I need to guide them to what would be the best thing they’ll do during their duty hours. Being with my students and be able to impart my knowledge, values, and a little wisdom and be able to guide them to what is good and what is right is one of the noblest moments of my life. Meeting people with different personalities everyday and be able to connect with them either for the school, for the community, for my family or for friendship and be able to face life’s challenges and achievements makes my life worth living.  My day usually ends helping my children do their assignments and have a little conversation with them and my husband  asking how their day was, and of course a prayer with my sun up sundown prayer booklet before going to sleep culminates my day.

As I gained years living, my views and angle of faith gradually changed. My faith taught me to be hopeful, loving, forgiving, just, prayerful, peace loving, and do goodness without cease. To let our brothers and sisters widen their eyes more to see the difference if they would be able to do their social responsibilities that is to share their 3 T’s: TREASUREs, TIME, and TALENT, so that we can have heaven here on earth.

AVP helped me a lot especially promoting peace in my own community. I am actually using it in times of disagreement with my children and my husband and my colleagues. Promoting and sharing  AVP’s concepts not just to my students but also the communities that I am involved with and telling them to pass on the good news to their respective communities, I believe would be a way to promote peace and harmony.

A friend is an antidote to sadness or negative situations in life. I value sincerity, reliability, understanding, respect, compassion, humor, and love of peace and harmony in a friend.

My family is my treasure and I believe it is one of the many purposes why God created me, but living only in the context of your family would be a selfish way of living. I believe we were created imperfectly by our Creator so that each and every one of us can fill up our imperfections, and that what makes me hopeful: the realization that we are capable to  dream that one day we can live a life that is heaven like.


February 2015