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Autumn Star, Prattsburgh, New York, USA (English)

I grew up surrounded by woods on 70 acres of land outside of a small town. Since I was little I have always been in love with singing and dancing. As a child I homeschooled and unschooled, and it was during these years that I began to understand what it meant to learn, why I loved curiosity, and how important exploring was.

I recently moved back to my home base, where I now have a cabin that I built with the help of family and friends. I have a vision of one day bringing people to the land I live on and creating a community built on the practices of personal growth, healthy communication, and communal

Currently my time is split between a few major endeavors. I work with teen homeschoolers and unschoolers at camps, conferences, and month long programs. I often fill the roles of listener/emotional support person, blues dance teacher, game leader, writing inspirer, communal growth activities organizer, and smiley faced gentle souled companion. I also work with families as a Postpartum Doula. I support new families and aim to empower parents, play with young folk, and share knowledge and information about the months following birth. When I’m not working with teens or families I am often exploring ways I can grow by doing trainings, initiating healthy communication with my family, reading, examining the privileges I carry with me, finding healthy ways to be vulnerable, and writing poetry.

"Nadine and I with my Indonesian family" in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

I build peace in my community by working on myself, bringing resources to young individuals, supporting families, playing with children and adults, being a listener, growing with my family, practicing non-violence, and hosting events such as open mic’s, poetry readings, and game nights.

My main focus of the past few years has been to work on myself so I can bring more of myself to the table. This has involved traveling in North America and Indonesia, participating in Alternatives to Violence (AVP) workshops, doing Re-evaluation Counseling, participating in Occupy Wall Street, going to therapy with my family, and going to Goddard College where I examined societal influences on adolescent gender, racial, and sexual identity development.

I have a passion for people and find meaning in connection. I enjoy
getting to know individuals by hearing about their lives, struggles, and
joys. I am fascinated by the ways that humans engage with emotions,
healing, and self-esteem. I love exploring personal growth work and
community development.

Autumn with her nieces.

Friendships transition and change, and therefore the qualities and traits I find myself valuing the most in friends are: openness to growth – even if it means growing apart, honest listening, ability to be vulnerable,
purposeful sharing, curious inquisitiveness, and a willingness to look at the hard stuff.


December 2014