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Nanik, Central Java, Indonesia (English)

Dear Friends,

I’m Nanik, born on 26 November 1972, married and have two sons. My first son is Wiji Prasetya Jati; we call him Wiwit. He’s 16 years old. He is in the first year of Music High School in Yogyakarta. My second son is Dwi Surya Saputra; we call him Tito. He is 11 years old. He is in the fifth grade of Elementary School. My husband, Petrus, is 46 years old. He works at SHEEP Indonesia in Yogyakarta, a non-governmental organization located in Yogyakarta. (Pati to Yogjakarta is 180 km.) We live in Pati, Central Java, a town east of Semarang, Indonesia.

I work as a Joglo Preschool teacher on Monday to Thursday from 6:45 to 1:00 pm for preparing, interacting with the children and meeting with the teachers.  From 2:00 to 5:00 pm I provide instructional activities in English for elementary and junior high school students. With the team at Peace Place beginning in August 2013, we are developing an alternative approach to education, grounded in the Alternatives to Violent Project. 

I learned about the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) from my husband, Petrus, and joined my first AVP workshop in 2008.  I increasingly feel called to be a person who takes initiative in peace building anywhere and to introduce AVP workshops to my relatives, friends, students and their parents, because it conditions us for peace and brings us out of the habitual violence of our life, which is needed in school, home and the community. 

With Petrus, we made a commitment to build a place to develop the spirit of learning and accompaniment with the hope that many people could learn to get out of their habitual lives of violence which is always present in our daily activities at home, school and community. Meetings with many people, sharing with friends at Friends Peace Teams who live for peace, justice, healing from trauma and education based on meaning, strengthen  my life to actually live peacefully. This really needs to be strived for and may be realized everywhere.

In a friend, I most appreciate differences of ideas. I learn to listen and to ask for feedback. I realize that all people, including the smallest child, have many talents and abilities that I can learn from.

Blessings of love and peace,



August 2013