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Dwi Surya Saputra (Tito), Pati, Central Java, Indonesia (English)

August 8, 2013

My name is Dwi Surya Saputra but my friends just call me Tito. You may also call me Tito. I am the son of Petrus and Nanik. At this time I am in the fifth grade of the National Primary School (SDN) Kutoharjo 03 in Pati. I have an older brother whose name is Wiwit. I live in Pati, Central Java [Indonesia]. I live with my family. My major activity everyday is to play. I like to write.

I like peaceful living without violence. The way I protect peace in our home is to respect others and take care that everyone if the home feels comfortable and safe. To make community better I have to respect the fruits of others’ labors so they feel appreciated.

Ways to be a good friend are through sharing mutual value / respect so there are not problems.

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