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Joe DiGarbo, Lancaster, Pa USA (English)

I am happy to introduce myself to others associated with the Friends Peace Teams.

Joe DiGarbo

I am Joe DiGarbo and live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA. My age is 66 and I come from a large Sicilian family with my mother emigrating from Milazzo, Sicily. My home of origin was Brooklyn, New York.  I am married to Anne, and have two grown children, one being an adopted young South Korean woman. 

I have been a substance abuse and mental health therapist since 1973 and have recently begun working part-time to enjoy the beginning of my retirement years.  I have enjoyed my work and have used the principles of the Alternatives to Violence Project in my clinical practice.

I like to spend my time working out at a fitness center and playing racquetball and tennis.  I like to read, listen to music, drink coffee, tea. I enjoy a good single malt scotch. I am a Quaker and value silent periods and the writings of Quaker authors.

Since becoming a Quaker in 1996, I have been searching for a more faith-based type of service. It made sense to me to focus on peace-making, much of which is informed by my work as a facilitator in the Alternatives to Violence Project, which I began in 2000.

I try to live the testimonies of the Quaker faith, which informs my family and client relationships. I have conducted AVP workshops in my local community and have made presentations on my work and the importance of the Alternatives to Violence Project.

I am, generally, a positive person, who believes in the principle of expecting the best of others and myself, no matter what the challenges we all face.  When I make community presentations on the AVP work I have done, in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia and Palestine-Israel, I see my role as transferring a positive and hopeful paradigm, which I live every day.

In my relationships, I value honesty, openness and kindness, realizing that we are filled with the Light and are informed and protected by that Light.  Lastly, as I have done my AVP work, I have come to experience the value of these principles when I see the positive effects they have on people who feel marginalized, hopeless and afraid. 

My hope is to explore additional ways to further develop my Leading and that the Friends Peace Teams may facilitate that development.


March 2014