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Heri Sasmito Wibowo, Pati, Indonesia (English)

Mapping of the boundries of the Coral Village of Rowo, Pati Central Java together with SHEEP of Central Java

My name is Heri Sasmito Wibowo, you may call me Bowo. I live in Rondole Indah Housing, Pati,  Central Java, Indonesia. I work in Langsa, Aceh. I was born on September 8 1973, so I am 39 years old now. I have a wife, Tri Hantini Kusuma Dewi, called Ninok, who is  35 years old, and two daughters, Dyah Ayu Kusuma Wibawa, called Dyah, who is six years old, and Kalea Kusuma Wibawa, called Lea, who is two years and ten months old.

In Pati, I live in BTN Housing with my two daughters and my wife. I am currently assigned, however, to work in Aceh, so the three of them stay home. In Aceh, I live in a room in the office along with four friends: Fitri, Tina, Herman and Jamin.

Every day I work for the SHEEP Indonesia Foundation working in Aceh, including Langsa, East Aceh and Aceh Tamiang, to accompany women and farmer collectives. I felt called to spread the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) to everyone around me and develop sustainable agriculture.

I build peace in my house by sharing stories and listening. Later I joined the AVP Aceh Team to facilitate AVP workshops and design an AVP-based preschool. In order to improve my community, I share stories from the Alteratives to Violence Project workshops and practice at home and at work. I also trust in the existence of Transforming Power.

The trip from Melidi (Aceh contryside) with the family.

I appreciate stories and experiences from my friends, which often become valuable lessons for me, whatever the story. And friends are considered equals, and we care for others as we would ourselves, because our lives are more significant when we are of use to others.

I have the conviction that human beings can change, and if one has not changed yet, it is only a matter of time, so all that is needed is patience with the process.


2013 Sept