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Jav and Jenna Morales, Rochester, NY USA (English)

Hello! We are Javier, Jenna, Anna and Phoebe Morales. Our home is in Irondequoit, a suburb of Rochester, NY, USA. Anna was born in China in 2004 and we adopted her in 2005. Phoebe, our younger daughter, was born 3 years later.

Jenna is busy at home caring for our daughters as well as working for pay from home: I work as a dental technician making crowns and other dental appliances at home in the evening and once a week at my father’s dental laboratory. I also run Courageous Gifts, the online storefront for

Conscience Studio, and I do communications work for Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific. You may know me as the person behind! Finally, I also hold a part time position at my daughters’ school, Cobblestone School, as the Service Learning Coordinator.

Anna and Phoebe hanging out!

I am called to bring a new audience to the work that Nadine and the people at FPT in AWP are doing. People that are not involved in the circles that Friends Peace Teams moves in may not be aware of this work. By exposing new people to this work I hope that they will think more about the world around them and about how their decisions impact our world. I also hope to inspire them to support the work.

Jav has held many jobs in the print and technology fields. Currently Jav works as a product owner for Xerox Corporation: I lead the development of some of Xerox’s software solution offerings for the commercial print industry. I also do website development for Conscience Studio, Courageous Gifts and other organizations and individuals that I want to support.

I am called to apply my technical skills to a purpose other than my personal benefit. I

Sledding on the hill in our back yard.

have built the websites for Conscience Studio, Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia, Courageous Gifts, Peace Place Pati and others on a volunteer basis. I think it is important to provide a means of documenting the stories and progress around the efforts of Conscience Studio, FPT in AWP and others. I have also been an active Kiva lender for more than 6 years. I have enjoyed contributing to 80+ micro-finance loans to small businesses so far.

We spend most of our free time doing activities with our kids. We take them to local cultural events, play-dates with friends and local museums. They are also involved in other activities such as Girl Scouts, sports and music. The most enjoyable activities we do, though, find us just being together: taking walks, playing outside or working on a project as a family.


28 Aug 2013