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Margaret White, New Jersey USA (English)

Dear Indonesian friends,

My name is Margaret White, and I am 67 years old.   I live in New Jersey, about 12 miles

Marg with her girls.

from New York City, with my husband.  Our two daughters live in the City.  One is married and has two little children, whom I visit at least once a week. I love being a grandmother!


When not working as a psychologist, I love to be outdoors, walking or gardening.  I also love to read, paint, and just talk with friends.

I knew as a teenager that  I wanted to be able to help people with emotional problems, so I trained to became a psychologist. That work has always been a passion for me.  I have always been very interested in learning about other countries and cultures, and understanding how their problems are different – or the same-as the ones Americans struggle with.  That interest led to my getting extra training so that I could volunteer in other countries when I get the chance, so I can get to know people from very different lives.  When I have done that I learn so much from those I work with, and have been deeply inspired by the courage and commitment I have seen.  I believe that unhealed trauma is often part of a cycle of violence, so I see trauma healing work as peace work.

I was raised as a Quaker, and taught that peace is possible when people want it enough to live in a way that promotes it.  It is distressing to me that my country is so involved in violence and frequently puts materialism and power ahead of peace.  Often I feel I don’t know how to make a difference, although when I do projects with others in my town, like protests against the wars, or helping people who are homeless,  I feel we are going in the right direction.  I try to live in a peaceful way, by respecting all the needs of others, and responding to that of worth in each person.  I have seen that people have amazing capacities to learn and grow and heal, and that makes me hopeful.  I value many different things in different friends, but am drawn  especially to people who care about things that I do, and who speak their truth, whether it is happy or sad or even hard to hear.


Aug 2013