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Leslie Teagarden, Alfred, NY USA (English)

My name is Leslie Teagarden, also known as Phoenix.

I live in Alfred, New York, USA with my mother, father and one sister. My other sister and two brothers no longer live here. I am 25 years old.

I spend a lot of my time learning new
things and trying to become a better
person. I love to do martial arts, dancing, exercising, reading books, and talking with people.

I am called to do work that directly benefits people. I could not do work that has no positive effect in the world. Even if that effect seems to not go beyond my neighbors, if I can make a person’s life a little easier, then I will try.

I try to build peace at home and in my community by being open minded, loving others even when it’s hard, remembering to forgive, treating everyone with compassion and kindness, and being a good listener. I find that a lot of violence comes from people feeling ignored.

I try to lead a good life and set an example through my everyday actions. I try to be here to lend a helping hand, or an ear. I’m not clear how else in particular to make my community better.

I value friends that stick by me even when I’m wrong, but calmly talk to me about the issue and help me realize and correct my errors. I value friends who love openly, support, and comfort me when I need them. I value friends that share blessings and hardships in their life so that I can also be a valuable friend to them.

Hope makes me hopeful. The people who are trying to make the world a better place make me hopeful. My religion and knowing what comes next make me feel hopeful. My strong sense of who I am as a person, the goals I want to accomplish, and what I have already accomplished in life make me feel hopeful. It is my hope that things can always get better.


Aug 2013