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Ludwig Bon Migriño Quirog Bohol, Philippines (English)

Ludwig Bon Quirog (Bohol, Philippines) with shoulder-length hair, which he usually ties back.

Dear Friends and friends!

I’m Ludwig Bon Migriño Quirog, 23 years old, from Tagbilaran City in the Island Province of Bohol, Philippines. You can call me Ludwig. That’s pronounced LOOD-VIG.

I’ll be seeing a lot of you in Indonesia real soon but before we meet in the flesh, allow me to tell you a bit about myself.

I’m currently studying to earn a bachelor’s degree in sociology so, these days, I spend a huge chunk of my time reading collegiate text books. The rest of the time, I work with two non-government peace advocacy organizations. One is the Theosophical Society, which just built a new school that introduces a transformative curriculum to assist children in becoming their best through love, kindness and compassion. The other is called Bohol Goodwill Volunteers, an interfaith community that aims to educate people in Bohol about social and environmental concerns.

As a Quaker, I feel that my faith calls me to be an initiator of peace building initiatives wherever I am and to learn new ways to go at it. This is primarily why I am looking forward to my AVP journey in Indonesia.

Peace initiatives and interfaith dialogue give my life meaning. They are things I genuinely love doing. They give me hope that our work will inspire other people from distant marginalized, depressed places to do the same thing to heal whatever needs healing in their own homes and communities. And, my goodness, the people I work with are such fountains of inspiration! Meeting people who live for peace, justice, Earth healing, and other good things make me happy knowing that there really is good in this world and that we actually have a chance at making things better for humanity and all the beings that live on this planet with us.

In a friend, I greatly value kindness and compassion. I rather appreciate it if my friends didn’t kick animals or bully people or discriminate against those who are different from them. I value respect—especially of personal space and of choices (mine and other people’s). I value sympathy and empathy—or at least their efforts in trying. Most of all, I value honesty—and with it goes trust. I value someone whom I can trust and who trusts me; someone who will hold a conversation with me and not pretend he/she agrees with everything I’m saying but will have the decency to tell me kindly that their ideas are different; someone who will tell me things as they are in a kind manner and not tell me falsehoods just to please me.

Blessings of Love and Peace, Ludwig


2013 August