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Dahlan, Matang Neuheun, East Aceh (English)

Dahlan di TambakI am a child of God born to my mother whose name is Nursiah, whose husband’s name is Alibasyah. I live in a simple home with my wife, Cut Syarfah Anisah, that we inherited from my parents in Matang Neuheun in the area of Nurussalam, Bagok, East Aceh.

I’m thirty years old. I’m never lonely at home since there are always a lot of people who come from our area and over seas, which makes me very happy.

I work day-to-day at my fish farm and with local charitable organizations that are concerned for the lives of war and tsunami victims. I like to help my friends and people in my area to work together to build peace within our families and neighborhoods by staying in touch with each other and building honesty, sincerity and openness among us.

After decades of armed conflict, It’s very important to rebuild trust as well as our livelihoods. I look for opportunities to help people get legal claims to the land they are on, get the resources they need to plant and harvest and get food and shelter if that is needed. When the Burmese refugees landed in our area, I went every morning and evening to make sure they were getting what they needed. I am grateful that people can trust me to see resources get to the people. I also support young people in our area, especially the soccer players, who are very proud of their team. Dahlan in Gampong Leh

I am very glad that I could participate in the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshops and find approaches to training myself to live more peacefully on a day-to-day basis. At this point, I have become an facilitator and coordinate AVP in Nurussalam, which gives me the opportunity to invite friends to join us, especially those from the very isolated areas. In this photograph I am with M’dia and Kamilia, We were the AVP Basic Workshop team in Leh Village. I am also trying to build a small space for AVP workshops by my fish farm so that people have a safe, calm place to practice. I hope I can continue to learn more about the effects of trauma and ways to heal from it. Workshop Site over the Tambak

My strength is when I can have more friends from around the world who have insights beyond mine and have a conscience within and beyond themselves. I value friends because it’s not about amassing material wealth but the pure wisdom and understanding I’m so proud of from so many people.