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Barbara Thomas, Maryland, USA (English)

I’m 66 years old and share a house in Maryland, USA with one other person. I spend my time volunteering and chairing the board of some charitable organizations. Every minute of our lives on earth is a gift and important to use well, to learn from one another, build friendships, address needs and share creative responses to conflict. I am a Quaker and I think loving our enemies and removing the causes of conflict are very important ways to spend our time. I build peace in my home and community by working with interfaith groups to really listen to one another and to share ideas, differences and commonalities. To make my community a better place, I started Community Dialogues and the Friends Peace and Justice Center. I also facilitate community Alternatives to Violence Project workshops. In building friendships, one with another, I mostly value warmth and caring. I feel hopeful that the world is in God’s hands and my job is to seek His will and follow. Then the Way opens.




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