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Valerie Joy, Brisbane Australia (English)

Name: Valerie Joy  Location: Brisbane Queensland Australia- Bourrelet St, Tarragindi Qld.

Who lives in my household – I have Kath and her daughter Kelly O’Neill and Carlos Javier Plazas from Columbia and how am I related to them? They are my tenants

How do I spend my time? Quakers- local, Australia and International; Personal fitness, Singing, Lyceum (International club for women which promotes life long learning); gardening, writing, reading, discussing. My family comprises eldest daughter Megan, married to David and three grandchildren, Lauren, Ben and Patrick; Second daughter Leith, married to Mike and grandson Felix Son Alex, lives in London, has a girlfriend Harriet.

What am I called to do right now because of my faith or my conscience? I believe in the universal family of human-kind and do what I can to bring harmony wherever I happen to be. Particularly in this 8th decade of my life, I want to stretch myself and live fully. To be filled with God or en-thu-siasm

How do I build peace in my home and community? Eco-justice, being really mindful of carbon reduction; sharing my home with others and with visitors; using my bike, public transport and walking and infrequent use of my car; AVP workshops and administration; FWCC- encouraging communication between individuals and groups




What have I done that has made my community better? In my paid working life I worked hard at community development through consultation, planning and empowerment of others. This continues via Quakers today. I also love singing, either in groups or solo.


What do I value in a friend?  Someone who keeps in touch and is glad to see me- and I with them. Someone who knows my weaknesses as well as my strengths.  Someone who inspires me to keep going- when I might feel as if I am flagging.  A good listener; who laughs and cries with me. Who understands my aspirations, as I do theirs.

What gives my life meaning or makes me feel hopeful?  Scientific breakthroughs on how we will feed the world’s 9 billion people by 2050; repair of degradation of the earth; intercultural learning through music, books, discussion; walking with marginalized people.


2013 July