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Pamela Hawkins, NY (English)

Hello, I am Pamela Susan Hawkins, a half a century old. My home is in Macedon, NY. I live on 36 acres with my Mom and Dad, and orange cat in one house and my brother, sister-in-law and nephew and their big dog in another.

I do home care and aqua therapy work with people with brain injury and various health needs, as well as teaching art in local colleges. This year I started doing small workshops on spiritual growth. There is time made for making art and poetry, vegetable gardening, tending addiction recovery, exercising, volunteering, cooking, playing, dancing and singing.

Currently I am being called to write to you, complete my Reiki Master training, broaden my Conscientious Objection to War and Paying Taxes for War voice, pay attention to family, and continue facilitating Alternative to Violence Project (AVP) workshops. I build peace in my community by practicing meditation, giving of myself, affirming others, listening, making cooperative agreements, admitting when I am wrong, and looking for that of good/God in others. Bringing AVP activities directly into my home, work, classrooms, recovery circles, and everyday interactions makes for a better place to live and grow.

I have been offering my skills as a video artist to document people telling their stories to share with others. As well as recording people talking about what conscience means to them. In collaboration with Nadine Hoover and others, we made an informational and instructional video called “A Declaration of Conscience about Paying for War.”

In my friends, I value compassion, honesty, directness, curiosity, their experience and insights. These characteristics give me a way of seeing my self and others full circle. When I am engaged with practicing peace, I see that there is enough love and life everywhere in and around me.

July 2012





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